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Campus Resources

A number of programs at the University of Chicago deal with environmental concerns. Some of these programs are described below. (Please explore the menu to the left for other student, off-campus, and affiliated resources.)

Our Programs

Other Campus Programs

  • Environmental Sciences BA/BS

    The Department of the Geophysical Sciences (GEOS) offers unique programs of study in the earth, atmospheric, and planetary sciences.

  • Climate Systems Center

    National Science Foundation Information Technology Research Program.

  • The Human Rights Program

    Interdisciplinary program dealing with international human rights issue, including a number of topics intersecting with environmental research.

  • M.S. Degree in Environmental Science and Policy

    The Irving B. Harris School of Public Policy Studies and the Division of the Physical Sciences at the University of Chicago offer a two-year program leading to a master of environmental science and policy degree, designed for students interested in assessing the scientific repercussions of various policies on the environment.

  • The Office of Sustainability

    Office of Sustainability staff work with campus and community partners to enhance a culture of sustainability by using a data-driven, yet relationship-based approach to integrating sustainable behaviors and infrastructure across campus. 

  • University of Chicago Environmental Center (UCEC)

    The student-run UCEC in the basement of the Reynolds Club (Room 002A) is open to both University and community members. It contains a variety of resources, including a lending library and meeting space for student environmental organizations.

  • Center for Integrating Statistical and Environmental Science (CISES)

    ARCHIVED RESOURCE. Now closed, CISES's main objective was to advance the use of statistical methods to assess the state of the physical environment and its impact on human and ecological health. The site includes archived technical reports, research project information, and talks.