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November 13, 2012

FILLED: TA for Environmental Law

This position has been filled.

The University of Chicago Environmental Studies program will hire a teaching assistant for the Winter Quarter 2013 undergraduate Environmental Law course (course description below). We would like to hire someone with interests in environmental law and policy and teaching. The salary is $3,000.00.

As a teaching assistant, you will work with the instructor to design the course, help lead class discussions, hold office hours to answer questions from students about their course projects and papers, and help grade course projects and papers.

If you are interested, please send your c.v./resume and cover letter to Madeleine McLeester (, the Program Assistant of the Program on the Global Environment. For more information, see

Course Description:
ENST 23100. Environmental Law. 100 Units.
This lecture/discussion course examines the development of laws and legal institutions that address environmental problems and advance environmental policies. Topics include the common law background to traditional environmental regulation, the explosive growth and impact of federal environmental laws in the second half of the twentieth century, regulations and the urban environment, and the evolution of local and national legal structures in response to environmental challenges.